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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[1.5.2] Ships and Boats Minecraft Mod

[1.5.2] Ships and Boats Minecraft Mod

You need ModLoader to run this mod.

- Open the mod zip file using 7-zip, WinRAR or other similar program, open minecraft.jar the same way, and copy all of the contents of the zip file into minecraft.jar
- Don't forget to remove the META-INF folder of minecraft.jar!

Run Minecraft and create a world. To create a boat, you have to create a special block: the Custom Ship Creator. The recipe for this block is just three iron lingots forming a vertical line (future versions of the mod will have more complex recipes).

Find a large mass of water, and place the block just under the surface of the water. After placing it, it will spawn a 3x3x3 scaffold made of glass. Right-clicking on the block will open a GUI where you can set the dimensions of the scaffold that you see fit. Place blocks inside the scaffold to construct your ship. The ship's front always points north.

After building your ship, open the block's GUI again and select "Create Custom Ship". The ship will start to move! You can ride it just like a normal MC boat.

If the ship suffers damage from fire or collisions with the ground or other objects, it loses hit points. When hit points drop below zero, the ship sinks and when it touches ground it transforms into a "shipwreck", i.e., transforms back to regular blocks.

Mirror download: